Alessandra Ambrosio is definitely a “hottie.”

She didn’t need to wear pink satin knickers with the words “hottie” emblazoned on her pert and toned “booms booms” to drive that point home but she did. We say, if it fits, wear it. Standing with one hand on a doorknob and with her dark eyes beckoning cheekily, she showed her fun side and if this was meant as a treat for men everywhere, she got it right. At midnight, Alessandra Ambrosio posted this question: “Who is ready for #valentines day?” Aye, we saw the hands go up, hundreds of them or was it in the thousands?
Earlier in the day, Alessandra walked her “mini-me” daughter Anja to school. On the way, they were seen stocking up for the day with “love-themed” goodies. She picked up a pink orchid, some gifts and cards. Alessandra looked supermodel perfect in a pair of brocade print skinny jeans, a long sleeved white top and trainers, while daughter Anja kept in line with the “love” theme. She wore a denim vest with a red heart motif on the back and paired it with red pants and silver colored trainers. After dropping Anja off, Alessandra headed to the Crumbs Bake Shop in Beverly Hills where she picked up some red and pink decorated cakes. Obviously she had some big plans for the day.
It was a big day for celebs everywhere as they posted messages and shared some “love” with their fans. Bar Refaeli said it with flowers, she posted a photo with the caption, “100 roses for a Happy Valentine’s Day.” We’re sure she got lots more, roses that is.
What a day! Well, it has come and gone and it’s back to business as usual folks. Until next time…..
T. J. Mueller