“I see your true colours shining through.”

Oops, is there a glitch in Paris Hilton’s and River Viiperi’s relationship? Just days after Ms Hilton celebrated her 32nd birthday where she was seen having more than a great time, the socialite was wearing a glum face as she pranced ahead of newly injured beau, Viiperi in crutches, as Paris went about doing what she does best. She went from shop to shop in Malibu, California, browsed and moved on leaving “doting girlfriend” on the back burner for a while. Or is it time to do the second best thing, that is to move on to something new. It seems that the lady with half a dozen titles to her name, tires easily and loves having new ventures to keep her interested and it is no different for her love life.
Paris wore skinny jeans, a black fur-trimmed leather jacket and black high heel boots but the loved-up smile was missing. You know what that means. Ms Hilton is NOT HAPPY. Viiperi who suffered a skiing accident on Sunday trailed behind looking anything but happy. At one point, Paris stopped at a sweet shop for a double scoop of ice-cream but beau Viiperi didn’t get any. Then she stocked up on some socks and moved on.

Hmmm…..has she moved on in more ways than one? Only time will tell folks and as always we’ll keep you posted on the continuing saga of Ms Hilton and her ventures.

T. J. Mueller