Tyra Banks famous nude photos

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Tyra Banks is a celebrity who is very much loved for her beauty, talent, fearless personality and entrepreneurial skills. Many celebrities are often associated with substance abuse or nudity scandals, however no one would expect someone with a clean reputation such as Tyra to be part of a “leaking faucet” of nude photos.  Several gossip websites posted model’s personal photographs from her (hacked) mobile phone a couple of days ago. An FBI official stated that they are looking into  the hacking incident. Moreover, a debate has risen as defense, from the likes of American celebrity gossip magazine and Mediamass, both has published all of Tyra’s nude photos in public’s interest and as an informative value.

The four nude photos that are shown below clearly show one thing: the 39 year old model/actress simply appreciates World-known fine art.  The “Grand Odalisque” by French painter Ingres, the nude “Sainte Marie-Madeleine” by German artist Gregor Erhart, a Roman marble of a nude wounded Gaul and an Egyptian nude porcelain doll, all can be found at The Louvre museum in Paris (which she visited earlier this month).

by Karina Swan (KAS)
grande odalisque St Marie Madeleine roman marble of nude wounded Gaun egyptian