Kate Upton lands her first US Vogue cover!


The young Marilyn Monroe look-alike, Kate Upton is proving the pundits wrong and she seems to have fun doing it! It has been said that it’s hard to make the transition from a bikini model to hoch couture but the model with the super curves is doing just that and doing it with pride!
Kate is featured on the cover of US Vogue for their June issue and as if that isn’t enough, she is being heralded as “the hottest supermodel on Earth.” Earlier this year, she made it to the cover of British Vogue and the interviewer for the accompanying interview couldn’t help but gush, “Standing at 5ft 10in with her outsize bosoms and long slender legs, Kate Upton has a body that belongs to the supermodel era of modeling. In the flesh, this all-American beauty resembles a young Anna Nicole Smith or Marilyn Monroe; her face is very pretty and perfectly symmetrical (with the exception of that mole, so exquisitely placed to the right, it looks like it might have been drawn on by the modeling gods.) She also has the ability, with the slightest of expressions, to flit with ease between girlishly wholesome and full-on sex. All things considered, it’s a knockout-formula.” Sophia Neophitou, Victoria’s Secret casting agent for the catwalk shows likened her to a “Page 3 girl.” She went on to say, “She’s like a footballer’s wife with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

Hmmm……it looks like the “Page 3 girl” has made it to “Page 1” and believe it or not folks, she’s got that knockout formula down pat and is going places. All who agree, please say Aye!
T. J. Mueller