Zlata Mangafic for Acne Studios campaign

The Swedish fashion brand Acne (which is an acronym for Ambition to Create Novel Expression) Studios, releases its latest advertising campaign for the clothing company’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen is in charge of working her magic by giving the captured series of images, which feature Serbian-born German model Zlata Mangafic, the artistic touch she is well known for.

The charming brunette mannequin appears donned in an array crisp all-white ensembles, which match Mangafic’s porcelain white skin and simultaneously create a striking contrast with her deep red lips and fingernails, as well as with the different colored polygons that appear in the backdrop.

The showcased designs by the 1996-founded clothing label include tonal denim and laser-cut leather pieces, an elasticized bustier tube top, an oversized button-down shirt and a webbed see-through mohair wool sweater, among others.