Innovation has a new name – Justine Red

Imagine there would be a bag that has every little detail a woman wishes for. A bag, that is multifunctional, iconic, yet sophisticated and adaptive. A bag that is easy to handle, resistant and still beautiful. Imagine there would be a bag that embodies innovation.
Every woman knows that problem: hand bags are either too small, too big, too unhandy, too unpractical or simply too heavy. If it is black, it can be too boring and if it is too colourful, it might be exaggerating. Not so the Parisian, qualitative and elegant bags of Justine Red.
You might have heard of it already: The young brand which was born in the heart of Paris and whose flagship store is located in Saint Germain des Prés – that always has been known for inspirational high-end fashion, a unique atmosphere and its confidential hidden shops. Founded by Marie-Hél?ne Verrecchia-Vidron who has been working in the luxury industry for many years, all products are finely crafted in France, allowing its owner the spirit of the true Parisian lifestyle, and still are meant to travel all over the world.

The little secret of this prospering label is grounded in its overall concept. Its small size and limited editions of bags and matching accessories enable a unique experience and individual fashion look. The bags´ innovative, highly qualitative and light-weight materials such as soft leather, sturdy rubber and canvas are elaborated in a sophisticated, chic and feminine design. Additionally, they make the bags extremely resistant. Smart details, like a small zipper bag on the inside, a tiny mirror or a key tether where you can clip a smaller bag, simplify the end use for an active and modern lifestyle. A way of living that is based on the principle: Don´t follow trends – start them. That is the reason why so many women from all over the world bring home such a bag from their trip to Paris.
Justine Red just has launched allrounder-handbags with its brand new 3D collection. It is made of an exclusive rubber fabric with a 3D geometric pattern that is becoming a signature of Justine Red. It is the only brand offering this innovative material in handbags. Available in several sizes and colours, all bags can be used on the streets as well as in business meetings, adapting to all occasions, seasons and outfits. They offer enough space to contain scarves if the wind blows too strong on cold days, sports gear, beach towels in the summer or everything you need for travelling around. Thanks to the special material it is possible to shape the bag. Nevertheless, it never will look creased, but always will appear fresh – so will you if you do not have to worry about your bag or its content any more.

Check out the new and limited 3D collection here:
By Susanne Maier