Jessica Hart holidays in sunny Bahamas

As one of the world’s most recognizable faces in the fashion industry, there is absolutely no denying that Jessica Hart knows exactly how to make the most out of any given holiday. And the Australian top model insisted on making sure to let it be widely known during the recent Easter weekend.

The twenty-nine year old head turner kicked off the new week by taking to social media and posting a photo of herself displaying precisely how and where in the world she celebrated the holiday. “Happy Easter from the Bahamas ! #naturalborbkillers #lyfordcay #bahamas @tobefedup,” the statuesque beauty shared with her nearly two-hundred thousand followers on Instagram next to the laid back image which sees her relaxingly reclined on a wooden white bench in the company of a male pal who goes by the name of Martin Pacanowski.

Considering the year round tropical weather of her exotic Caribbean island vacation of choice, you would think that Hart would jump at the opportunity to show off her svelte, envy-inducing mannequin figure in an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie bikini as usual, but the former Victoria’s Secret model opted to cover up just a bit more than she is known for. The stylish eye catcher was nonetheless dressed all in all appropriately for the sun-filled snap shot which was posted on Monday (the sixth day of April).

Putting her toned midriff on full display, Hart appears donned in a colorful cropped shirt that features long sleeves and plenty of frill at the trim. She teamed the floral orange, yellow and green top with a skimpy pair of high waisted cut off denim shorts in blue, which without a shadow of a doubt made her long and trim lower limbs the center of attention as she indulged in her off duty getaway. With her golden blonde tresses pouring out freely from under a wide-brimmed tan sun hat, the barefoot charmer made sure to offset any harmful rays that the Bahamian sun could cause by shielding her blue eyes with a cute set of dark heart-shaped shades to to off the fashionable beach chic look.

On the other hand, the brunette-haired Pacanowski was comparatively clearly not feeling quite as shy as Hart on that day, as he is seen in the photo soaking up the sun shirtless (and barefoot as well), only clad in a pair of pastel pink suit trousers as he adjusts his black sunglasses while almost mirroring the Aussie model’s pose next to him to a certain extent.

By Theo