Prada reports stable numbers for 2015


The Prada Group closed its financial year 2015 with revenues of EUR 3.54 bln, which appear stable compared to 3.55 bln in 2014. According to the official note, the results reflect a “growth of the retail network, which offsets the decline of wholesale sales, in line with the company’s plans to strengthen the retail contributions and reduce that of the wholesale “. In detail, the sales of this channel amounted to EUR 444 million, a decrease of 88 million, while revenue from direct sales reached a comfortable EUR 3.05 billion, which equals an increase of 76 million. Positive results come also from products in license such as eyewear and fragrances, whose royalties of EUR 44 million (January 31st 2016), are marking an increase of 14%, thanks to the launch of the first Miu Miu fragrance.

As for the retail channel of individual brands, Prada has recorded an increase of 1% to EUR 2.48 bln, while the Miu Miu brand has recorded a + 10% at current exchange rates and a + 1% at constant exchange rates. With regards to this, Prada also confirms an improving trend in the fourth quarter in its official statement. In this period, the Church’s brand has also achieved a growth of +14% at current respectively + 7% at constant exchange rates.

In a geographical breakdown of the numbers, the sales registered a growth of 6% (+ 5% at constant exchange rates) in Europe, 11% (+ 4% at constant exchange rates) in Japan, 5% (9% at constant exchange rates) in the United States, 11% (5% at constant exchange rates) in the Middle East, while Asia-Pacific declined by 4% (-16% at constant exchange rates). “In the coming months, the Prada Group will focus its energy on developing new sales and marketing initiatives to support organic growth, also through the implementation of a complex digital project aimed at strengthening the dialogue with our customers,” said Patrick Bertelli, CEO of Prada.

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