“I don’t deserve this face”

At 47, supermodel Yasmin Le Bon owns a figure that still tricks time and a very good-looking face, which she claims to be the result of luck. Or good, enviable, genes. Admitting her lifestyle does no good for her beauty, Yasmin told April’s Easy Living magazine: “I don’t deserve this face. I’ve tried to sabotage it for most of my life”. If sabotaging her looks means partying hard, she keeps rocking the dance floor “harder than anyone” and does not follow the advices she gives her dauthers – Amber, 22, Saffron, 20, and Tallulah, 17 – about not mixing their own drinks.
That being the case, the super Yasmin lacks on beauty tips to the genetically less fortunate mortals.She goes on: “I’ve only recently discovered water and sleep. I really don’t spend a lot of time on grooming. I get given all sorts of creams and I just slap them on”.
And, though she does not discard doing it in the future, she hasn’t turned to plastic surgery because a lot of people she knows that went that way “felt worse before they felt better”.
With a not so rock and roll life anymore, Yasmin fancies drinking tea and walking her three dogs. Happily settled, she keeps sharing her life with Simon Le Bon, her husband for 26 years: “I still fancy Simon. I always think he’s the best-looking guy in the room”.
The supermodel that still rocks magazine covers and Couture fashion shows has also a “human side”, confessing her appearence is not always so perfect: “I do sometimes feel insecure – having spent years contorting myself into the strangest poses, a couple of years ago my back and hips gave out, so I had to stop exercising. I gained a lot of weight, but that’s life. I’m very glad I listened to my body. And whether you look like Helena Christensen or not, we all have days when we don’t feel great”.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk.