Heidi Klum out on first date with bodyguard Martin Kristen?

Earlier this week, supermodel Heidi Klum confessed to Katie Couric on her talk show that her romance with the bodyguard had just started and she wasn’t sure where it was going.

This morning, the German-born beauty was spotted heading out for breakfast with the tall and hunky bodyguard. The couple were seen having brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel and they seemed to be having a good time as Heidi was grinning from ear to ear. Is this just a business arrangement? One thing was for sure, she seemed to be happy in his presence and he made her laugh.

Heidi did tell Katie Couric that, “He’s been with our family for the last four years. He’s cared for our entire family, mostly for our children, helped us tremendously.”

And it looks like Heidi has moved on and left Seal behind. Whatever it is, romance or just a friendship, the supermodel seems to be happier these days and is wearing a smile on her face and is dressing better too and that folks is a good thing.

T. J. Mueller