Come rain or shine, hail or high-water, mum’s the word

Supermodel Heidi Klum is fabulous, she’s drop-dead gorgeous and she loves strutting her stuff on the world stage but when it comes to her children, Leni, Henri, Johan and Lou, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind as to where her loyalties lie.

She’s a hands-on mum and she loves being the mainstay of her children’s lives. So it came as no surprise when she donned a camouflage jacket, ripped jeans and high-tops sans make-up to cheer her son Henri from the sidelines during a football match in Brentwood, California on Saturday. She was seen chatting with the other mothers as rain pelted down and even stopped to give Henri a little sideline pep talk which seemed to bolster his confidence.

Heidi recently told German magazine Bunte that, “Ja, ich bin verliebt!” came under fire from another talkshow host last week. Wendy Williams labeled Heidi’s relationship with her bodyguard of four years as “disgusting.” She went on to say, “Kristen has worked for Heidi in the family for four years. Seal, you know what that means – and not just when you were out of town. I don’t think this is a new relationship, do you? It pains me to report stories like this when the woman, in my mind, is clearly in the wrong.” Then she went on to do the obvious, put more “oil on the fire” by instigating estranged husband Seal to go for the money. “You don’t let the finances go with this divorce. I don’t know how much you’re worth, but she’s worth more. You need half.”

Perhaps it goes to the heart of the matter. Heidi spoke out recently about being in the public eye and she had this to say, “There will always be people who will criticize whoever I live with, what kind of clothes I wear or what hairstyle I have. At the end of the day, you have to do what makes you happy. That’s the rule I live by.”

All we can say is there’s nothing “disgusting” about love but there’s something disgusting about trying to boost your talkshow ratings by stooping to such methods and that folks is the honest truth.

T. J. Mueller