Alessandra Ambrosio shows off her pearly whites

This time around, Alessandra Ambrosio needed to show off her pearly whites to promote the Oral B 3D White toothpaste in her native Brazil on Wednesday but there was no keeping an “angel” down folks.

It was plain to see as she took to the stage in Sao Paulo, it wasn’t her sparkling white teeth that took center stage but her gorgeous figure clad in all white that captured the limelight. The model smiled widely as she posed in a white romper style outfit that showed off her long, tanned and well-toned legs. Paired with a pair of sparkling Christian Louboutins, it was a lost cause. The toothpaste commercial that is even though she posted a picture of herself on Facebook telling her fans in Portugese that “a pretty smile can help you achieve all that you desire.” That’s true in most cases but when you look like Ms Ambrosio, there are other things to look at. Get the drift?

Alessandra has been busy of late doing a photoshoot for the new edition of Made in Brazil. She got to show off her glorious body in the buff as she posed holding a transparent veil which left little to the imagination. As if that wasn’t enough to whet the appetite for more, the model cavorted seductively on the beach dressed in an all black swimsuit with a number of handsome men all vying for her attention. The cult magazine usually showcases male models so it was a coup for the model to make an appearance as the first woman ever in the magazine. Alessandra showed her excitement about the photoshoot by posting a link to the website. “I had so much fun shooting for Made in Brazil with Stewart. See a preview of what’s coming up!”

Stewart Shining is the photographer who captured the photoshoot on film. The editorial entitled, Alessandra, also features cameos of fellow Brazilian male models, Caio Cesar, Diego Fragoso, Pedro Aboud and Bruce Machado.

Coming back to the Oral B 3D White event. Alessandra was joined on stage by two presenters who were also dressed in white but at the end of the day, you had to ask, “What toothpaste?”

T. J. Mueller