Kate Upton covers-up for basketball game


She’s come a long ways from her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue days and she’s been slowly making her way up the rungs of the success ladder from almost baring-all to high fashion model and if that isn’t a success story, we don’t know what is. Kate Upton has a lot to smile about these days and she’s earned it.

The buxom model was seen at a Knicks game at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Monday night and she was all bundled up but wearing a sparkling smile. Kate chose a dark top, skinny pants, black ankle boots and to top it all off, she threw on an over-sized tweed black and mustard colored coat to cinch the look together. It could be in keeping with the “new Kate” image of “less is more.” It seems that those days of skimpy bikinis and low-cut ensembles are forever behind her as she embraces “high fashion” and covering up in stylish outfits seems to be the norm. She has plenty to smile about too. Kate captured the third place ranking on AskMen.com’s Most Desirable Women of 2012. She follows Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis in the poll which was revealed last week. Honestly folks, Jennifer Lawrence we can understand but Mila Kunis? Moving on…..

Kate also made her debut on the cover of British Vogue for their January 2013 issue which chose a woman with a curvier figure this time, with editor Alexandra Shulman admitting: “It’s very rare for a girl to move from one area of the business to the other, largely due to the fact that fashion models are almost without curves, whereas swimwear girls are celebrated for them. When I decided to shoot Kate for our first cover of 2013, it was to kick off the year with a young woman who is not a stereotypical fashion model – although, let’s face it, she’s hardly a heffalump!”

The model had plenty of celeb company at the game with the likes of rapper 50 Cent, film director, Spike Lee and actor William Baldwin. No, she’s no “heffalump” and she knows how to keep that success light beaming on her and that folks is the honest truth.
T. J. Mueller