She’s hot under the Brazilian sun

Alessandra Ambrosio is definitely taking a much deserved break from her hectic schedule of being a Victoria’s Secret angel, much sought-after model and mother-of-two. The model was seen partying into the early morning hours on New Year’s Eve with her fiance Jamie Mazur and now it was time to don a skimpy two-piece and do what she does best. Show of that long, lean and taut body of hers.
Alessandra was spotted relaxing on a sun lounger in the Florianopolis area of Brazil. She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny zig-zag patterned two piece that left little to the imagination. And as if that wasn’t enough to heat things up she decided to go with a cowboy hat perched jauntily on her head as sun protection and the look was “hot” folks. She ignored the looks trained in her direction and later decided to cover-up in a mint colored beach dress that accentuated her golden tan even more.

The couple seemed to be having a great time spending time together on the beach with some friends and Alessandra even posed for some photos with her friends which she later shared with her fans on Twitter.
It’s fun time and she deserves it. It’s been a busy, busy past year for the Brazilian supermodel and we’re sure given her credentials, her “angel” credentials that is, that this year will be another busy and hectic one for her. This is one angel who’s flying high and she’s hot not only under the Brazilian sun but anywhere she chooses to show off that body of hers and that folks is the honest truth.
T. J. Mueller