Heidi Klum speaks out the truth on her divorce from Seal


Heidi Klum and Seal were once one of the most popular and rumoured couples in the whole celebrity world. Being married for 7 years, vows renewed on an annual basis, 4 kids during their marriage, the time has come for the lovely couple to split up.


2012 has been the decisive year for Heidi to apply for divorce and live on her new life with her bodyguard – Marin Kirsten.


Did I wish for this to happen to my family? No”

“It’s not what I wanted. It’s not what anyone wanted. But it’s not a real problem.” – Heidi says she is ok with the whole situation and another marriage is not something she is looking for – “I’m not angry about anything, but I don’t think I will. Maybe if I’m with someone for 15 or 20 years, and we do it in our old age as a fun thing to do…. But I don’t have the urgency anymore.”

By Anhen Mey