She’s got more talents than most

Heidi Klum is not only a world renowned supermodel, top-of-the-notch business woman and almost a super mum, she’s got one more talent up her sleeve, she plays football like a pro.

Mother-of-four Heidi took her two boys, Henry and Johan for soccer practice on Saturday in Brentwood and joined in the fun by kicking and throwing like a pro. Is there no end to her talents? Evidently not, as German-born Heidi took to the field dressed in a thick black coat, jeans, a scarf and boots and showed her boys how to do it right when it comes to kicking the ball. Her two boys didn’t look that bad either dressed in their soccer gear. Henry was wearing blue and Johan was dressed in red shorts, white tee and a red and navy jacket AND they were both wearing big smiles as they watched their model mum “kick it like Beckham.”
Earlier in the day, the Klum clan enjoyed a day out in Brentwood and this time daughters Leni and Lou were also in tow along with the ever-present new love Martin Kristen. The family enjoyed a stop at Starbucks and then a casual day out,

Heidi, it seems, has found a balance between family, her career and her new love and that takes real know-how folks. So thumbs-up to a lady who knows how to do it right.
T. J. Mueller