Rosie Huntington-Whiteley + Mark & Spencer


There is nothing sexier than new lingerie to celebrate the upcoming Valentines Day with your special man. There is noting more reassuring than buying lingerie from a designer who dedicated most of her career in strutting her stuff for none other than Victoria Secret. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launched on January 17thher spring lingerie line in partnership with Mark and Spencer.
The inspiration behind the design of the collection was February 14th and all that it has to offer. The creative thinking was to find a balance between romanticism and softness in order to make sure that a woman feels at her most seductive state. Lingerie is a bit of a luxury that one should spare no expense. Soozie Jenkinson, head of M&S lingerie department, explains that a nice piece of undergarment is something very intimate for woman and needs to exuberate a certain self-confidence and body appreciation.
The color palette for the lingerie streamed from shades of blush pink to warm neutrals. Rosie explains that the each color was chosen in order to compliment every woman’s skin color. Colors; that every woman can easily wear. As far as the pieces are concerned, one can expect a dramatic feel with a touch of vintage-esque illusion. Floor-length chiffon wraps and silk nightgown are a few showstoppers of the collection. Also, one can see that every piece was design with a certain personality in mind. The pink baby doll was created for the bubbly, flirty personality where as the all silk two piece was for the more daring sensual missy. The regular woman is no model, but it would be nice to step in shoes for one day.
A. Giannopoulos