Candice Swanepoel goes make-up free

Victoria’s Secret angel, Candice Swanepoel flew into JFK airport and strutted her supermodel looks in a pretty cream-colored lace cropped top and a black maxi skirt but sans make-up. She looked fresh-faced as she walked through the airport with her Jack Russell Milo enjoying the view sitting atop her suitcase. We’re not sure who was getting the most looks, leggy Candice or cute Milo. They both looked great.
Candice told Beauty Blender that she gets her glowing skin through “a positive attitude and low stress levels keep you young and beautiful. I also think that eating healthfully contributes to looking young, drinking coconut water and things that hydrate your body also helps as well as taking care of your skin. My mother taught me you’re never too young to start taking care of your skin!” She also went on to say that she has a different skin care plan in winter. “In the winter, my skin is drier so I like products that hydrate the skin. I’m pretty neurotic about keeping my skin clean. In the morning I wash with rosewater spray and I use a rich moisturiser and sunscreen everyday. I apply an eye cream at night and also switch to a richer moisturiser.”

There you have it folks. Ms Swanepoel’s beauty secrets in a nutshell. Try it and see if the transformation takes place, if not you could always move to Brazil and do what Rosie dreams of doing. “The land is apparently so intoxicating that a perfect day would consist of having sex. Then having a snooze because you’re so exhausted from it all.” Hmmm…..that should take care of the stress-level in a heartbeat and the rest should be a breeze.
T. J. Mueller