Liberty Ross Posing Nude For LOVE Magazine!


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It seems like Liberty Ross feels confident enough to pose nude in an editorial for LOVE magazine after her public image had to suffer from her husband Rupert Sander’s love affair with Kristen Stewart last year. Last month, she has filled for divorce confessing it has been a tough time and she’s not over over it yet, “It is very intense. I feel like recently I am finding out who I am”.
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Also, she says that it was a good decision moving to LA for her husband to pursue his career in filmmaking (by the time they were together), “I felt it was time for him to have his turn. We both like it there and we were both established in what we did, but it felt like things could only excel for him in film in America. I wanted to have children and change my life in that way too. I’m glad I did it; I don’t have any regrets.”

We feel sorry for our beloved model and actress mother-of-two Liberty Ross as for what she’s been through lately, yet we are happy to see her shining bright in the latest nude editorial she did for LOVE magazine wearing only necklaces.
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By Anhen Mey