Inside the LoveFMD Spring/Summer 2018 issue

LoveFMD Spring/Summer 2018 issue

What’s going on in our latest Spring/Summer 2018 issue? For the latest season, we have put together the most exciting content, from the wonder of cover star Noemi Jonas to the new season’s ultimate makeup trends, the finest hotels in Vienna and the science of what makes a Victoria’s Secret Model unique.

Editors’ Letter, Page 3
‘Spring/Summer is truly an inspiring time of year to usher in the promise of a new beginning,’ writes Iva Mirbach in her editor’s letter.’Not only is it all about individuality, there remains so much to discover. The spirit of renewal seems to be a common theme of this issue which is also our 8th so far, so it’s indeed fitting that we celebrate the beauty of the season in all its splendor.’

LoveFMD Spring/Summer 2018 issue
Bye Bye Birdie, Page 62
Model Liv Pribus taps the mood of Spring/Summer further.

LoveFMD Spring/Summer 2018 issue
Hotel Ritz-Carlton Vienna, Page 58 and the Hotel Grand Ferdinand Vienna, Page 76
Both hotels are symbols of luxury and offer rich hospitality combined with an enriched culinary experience in the timeless capital of Austria.

LoveFMD Spring/Summer 2018 issue
The Face Of Trends To Come, Page 20
Our beauty stylist Evelyn Karbach introduces us to the new season’s ultimate make-up trends and talking points to get you inspired this season.

LoveFMD Spring/Summer 2018 issue
What makes a Victoria’s Secret model unique, Page 12
We go behind the science of what makes a Victoria Secret Model unique.

LoveFMD Spring/Summer 2018 issue
Adventures in Beauty, Page 39
Our cover star Noemi Jonas makes the case-in-point for the new season, styled in some of the most coveted new classics from designers Uel Camilo and Andrew GN.

LoveFMD Spring/Summer 2018 issue
MQT Horlogere Suisse, Page 16
We introduce you to a Swiss watch brand that seeks to keep watches simple and affordable while still making a bold statement with their look.

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