Cara Delevingne On The Cover of The British Vogue!


Introducing to you the 20-year-old model famous for her adorable atitude and charisma as well as bushy eyebrows and dazzling eyes and recently, the British Vogue cover girl, Cara Delevingne! It is a very good achievement to be on the cover of the British fashion bible since Cara has firmly moved towards success from the very beginning of her modeling career. And right now, she has truly gained the designers’ affection and consideration and can be totally claimed the model of the moment.

In the interview given to British Vogue she confesses that, ”Especially that it’s British Vogue, it makes you so proud, they want great British people and I thought :”Am I really that person? You’re crazy, you’re crazy Vogue!” It seems like the dream of hundreds of models has become a reality for the adorable Cara Delevingne!

Working on the cover, she admits she had a little bit of worries and concerns, but she has faced them all as she’s discovered that the vast majority of the staff used to work with her earlier on. “It was everyone that I’ve worked with until now who has helped me along so much, given me so much advice and made me who I am.”

With such a huge fashion background, it is well encouraging for a 20-year-old model to land the cover of the British Vogue!

“I’m going to run out of the shop with 20 in my hands, going: “Oh my God, this is me! Oh my God!”


By Anhen Mey