Nina Agdal chomps into a burger in new Carl Jrs burger ad

Following in the footsteps of buxom blonde, Kate Upton, who was last years burger queen for Carl Jrs burger ad, this years version is Nina Agdal, soon to be cover girl for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue but for now making it big everywhere by showing her model statistics in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny black bikini and chomping on a Carl Jrs Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich.
The ad which made its debut during the Super Bowls primetime slot has made Nina the talk of the town. In one shot she goes topless showing lots of tanned skin as she bites heartily into the burger with the Atlantic in the background. Better than sex? Evidently so, as the model closes her eyes in ecstasy. Later, she makes her way into the ocean to cool off after the hot burger. Yes folks, sex sells as weve said it before. In another shot, she is seen lounging on a towel as a deeply tanned male approaches her and compliments her on her nice sandwich. Ermermmoving on.
Rumour has it that the Danish beauty has already posed for Sports Illustrated and it should be out for sale on February 12th. As far as the shoot which was shot on location in Maui, Hawaii, the model had this to say, I had some bites but had to spit some out, too. I think I went through around 50 sandwiches that day, if not more! But I still ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. After it was announced that Nina would star in Carl Jrs ad, her popularity has shot sky-high it seems. She told Fox, Its crazy – my Twitter is blowing up. The reaction has been very, very positive.
Just a reminder boys. Its just a burger although we agree wholeheartedly, when paired with the ample bosom and the pert boom booms the humble burger has never looked better.

T. J. Mueller