Kate Upton is SINGLE!

Men sit up and take notice. Sports Illustrated super star and buxom babe, Kate Upton is single. The young Marilyn Monroe look-alike and a dream girl to many made that announcement on WJBK-TV when asked about rumours of her dating Detroit Tigers star, Justin Verlander and this is what she said, “Actually, I’m single right now, so I spent my holiday in Melbourne.” What has that got to do with spending time in Melbourne? Only she knows.
The good news is, she’s single and she unveiled some new talents as well, besides the “two” that we DO know off. Kate joined rapper Big Boi and NFL wide receiver Stevie Johnson for the latest episode of Skull Candy’s Take a Supermodel to Work web series and held her own on the mike and showed off her skills at being a music producer much to the amazement of her two co-stars.
The lady has hidden talents folks and she’s available but not for long is our guess. Stay tuned for more…….
T. J. Mueller