Victoria’s Secret angels speak out

“Angels” Behati Prinsloo and Alessandra Ambrosio speak out on how to create a successful lingerie shoot and you thought it was all about those gorgeous curves, didn’t you? There’s more to it than meets the eye, folks.
The behind the scenes video for the new Very Sexy Lingerie collection has Behati revealing, “It’s really important to have that summer vibe, it just feels more organic, and the sexy heat. You can’t hide out in a cool studio or anything like that, I dunno! It just makes it feel, real. Miami is an amazing place to shoot Victoria’s Secret.” Got that? No? Here’s another try. This time, Alessandra Ambrosio does the explaining. “It’s really cold everywhere else, but we feel very lucky to be here because we’re shooting this beautiful, very sexy collection for the summer. We just get inspired by nature, we’re surrounded by the water, there’s an amazing mansion behind me which is really stunning. We’re just having a good time!”
So, to recap, a good lingerie shoot needs a warm climate, a good location, throw in a mansion or two and lots of angels in skimpy attire and you’ve got a winning campaign! By the way, the new Very Sexy lingerie collection with its three different styles, the Push-Up, the Underline and the Bombshell can stand on its own without the first two elements, the warm climate and the good location but NOT without the angels……

T. J. Mueller