A Lover’s Tiff?

Supermodel Heidi Klum and beau Martin Kristen who have been taking it up a notch and heating it up with their public displays of affection recently showed another side to the growing relationship on Sunday. The couple were at a New York hotspot, The Spotted Pig, when an argument broke out between the two of them, it is being reported.
Rumour has it that bodyguard/beau, Martin stormed out of the restaurant and left Heidi at the bar with a male friend. The male friend being none other than male co-host and fellow judge of Germany’s Next Top Model fame, Thomas Hayo. It is a little known fact but Thomas and Heidi were rumored to have been more than close friends before Martin came into the picture but both Heidi and the scruffy-looking Thomas have denied the rumours. Was jealousy a part of the problem?
An eye-witness who was at the restaurant told the New York Post that Heidi seemed very upset. “ They had been drinking with a male friend at a table and things became very heated very quickly.” The source also reported that Heidi left the restaurant and tried to hail a cab but unsuccessfully and returned later but “stubbornly refused to go inside and rejoin Martin at the table.”

However, the day after, it was all water under the bridge as the loved-up pair upped the PDA stakes even higher. It looked like they had kissed and made-up as they were spotted in Manhattan holding hands and loving it up. At one point, Martin had one arm over her shoulder and looked all ears as Heidi whispered something to him. Was it, “You’re still my number 1?” On Tuesday, the couple headed out shopping again and this time around, Heidi was all smiles as Martin kept a close watch over her.
Coming back to the tiff at the bar, a friend told the Post on Monday, “She’d had one drink too many, and they had an argument. All couples have disagreements, but most don’t get recognized when they have them.” And that folks is the price one has to pay when you’ve attained celebrity status. Your life is an open book in more ways than one and that’s the honest truth.
T. J. Mueller