Androgyny – the key to success?

Stunning long, slim legs, ripe lips, brilliant blond, long hair – everyone knows him – the 22 year-old Australian transgender model Andrej Pejic. Two years ago he caused sensation when running for Jean Paul Gaultier at the Paris Fashion Week. After that he became one of the most popular and wanted models of today – because of his androgynous look.
But is androgyny automatically the key to success?

That, at least, reflects what Elliott Sailors (31), American model, thinks. After taking part in several beauty competitions and working successfully under contract of Ford, she decided to change her whole appearance and works as a male model since then. These days, fading into obscurity by increasing competitive pressure through younger and “fresher” models easily happens. Elliott now foresees a longer lasting career in the fashion world, because male models do not have the same severe pressure of remaining young as women do. But until now, her desirable success still is in coming.
Both Pejic and Sailors are by far not the only examples of androgynous models in this highly modern world. Newcomer Stav Strashko is the new face of the Toyota advertisement. The 20 year-old, Ukraine transgender model is potential competition for Andrej Pejic.

Creativity within the world of fashion always has been an indispensable element of its identity. The play of the unpredictable and mysterious attracts people. Although androgyny is on the rise, fashion is a matter of constant change and movement. Thus, rise and fall are coming collateral.
Susanne Maier