Meet Cara Delevingne’s instagram twin


Cara Delevingne has a lookalike twin and she’s taking Instagram by storm.

Olivia Herdt, is a pretty normal teenage girl but has seen her Instagram account blown up thanks to her Cara-esque looks. The 14-year-old who hails from Uruguay, has loads of pics of herself on her Instagram page and also has Delevingne’s trademark bushy eyebrows. She loves to pull silly face’s and regularly posts photographs of herself crossing her eyes, just like Cara.

But, Olivia is more than just admirable for her uncanny resemblance to Cara. She has a plethora of hidden talents and loves to sing and dance, something she’s been doing since she was little and has deep roots in music (her parents are musicians). The teenager considers Cara her icon whom she hopes to meet someday and also has plans of becoming a model.

In an exclusive interview with us she chats about herself, her future ambitions, and what it’s like to be a lookalike of one of the world’s biggest supermodels.

What are your origins? Tell us something about yourself?
I’m from Uruguay, Maldonado. I’m 14 years old and I’m an only child. I really care about art and I have a lot of friends here.

You look uncannily like Cara Delevingne, how does that feel for you?
I’m deeply flattered when people say I look like her. Cara is so beautiful both inside and outside, because she has charisma.

What do your friends and classmates think of your spot-on perfect similarity to a supermodel?
They say it’s amazing and they find it surprising and unbelievable that I look like Cara.

Cara is an idol for many girls. What do you think about her and how does she affect you?
I think she is original and she is not like the other girls from magazines. She is herself and she dresses the way she likes, I like her spirit a lot, she is happy, smart and always looking up.

If you were to meet Cara, what would you say to her?
At first I think i would cry and i would say to her that I love her, but i don’t think i could because i would be in shock….I would never let her go ha-ha.

You’ve been getting a lot of media attention lately . How does this feel for you?
It makes me feel happy, people are kind and have connected to me from all over the world.

What would be your biggest dream?
Singing on a stage full of people and modeling too.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I have been singing since i was little. My mother is a singing teacher and singer, and also a writer. My dad plays the guitar. My life is totally one with music. I’m a violin student, I love photography and i also like to dance. I do honorary work at a school with children with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Who do you consider your style icon and why?
My style icons are Cara of course, her style is unique. I also like Taylor Momsen, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Hayley Williams.

What are some of your hobbies?
Photography, English class, zumba dance and violin.

Any upcoming plans to be a model?
Since one year i have the idea of being a model, but i haven’t modeled.

What do you think about Cara’s identical twin? Check out her Instagram and let us know with a tweet to @fmd1_com.