Alexa Chung launches third collection

Alexa Chung

After launching her ready-to-wear line in May last year, Alexa Chung has unveiled the third collection from her eponymous brand.

Aptly called ‘Fantastic,’ the collection is named after one of her favorite slogan T-shirts and is a tribute to the British music scene of the nineties.

The clothing line contains a mustard yellow corduroy suit as a tribute to Jarvis Cocker, an orange-black striped T-shirt inspired by Graham Coxen and a petrol blue parka reminiscent of nineties Kate Moss photo shoots by Corinne Day.

Other items in the range include tees with slogans ‘Fantastic’ and ‘Hardcore’, full-length dresses, lace-up chunky boots in lilac, black, and white, pinstripe pencil skirts, a silver lurex blouse and maxi dress, and a denim boiler suit. The collection also includes accessories such as a set of pin badges with slogans ‘cigarettes & alcohol’, ‘nice one’, and ‘Disco 2018’, a silver cigarette necklace, and silver moon pin earrings.

‘It’s important for me to create something both timeless and timely,’ Chung said in a statement. ‘This collection embodies Brit Pop and translates that creative spirit into silhouettes for the current generation. For want of a better word, it’s Fantastic.’

The third collection from Alexa Chung is available now at and other retailers. Prices range between 85 euros for T-shirts to 1120 euros for some of the outerwear pieces.

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