Gisele Bundchen goes make-up free for Vogue Italia’s february issue


Gisele Bundchen is on the cover of the February issue of Italian Vogue.

Marking her sixth cover for the glossy, the supermodel makes history as it marks the first time in the history of Vogue Italia that a model appears on the cover make-up free and without a stylist. The garments including the Gucci looks she sports on the two covers were selected and styled by Gisele herself.

In the intimate portrait series by rising photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, we see the 37-year-old model in the natural habitat of her villa in Chestnut Hill, Boston, for Vogue Italia, where she lives with her two children and husband, American football legend Tom Brady. Gisele poses in her kitchen in a pair of oversized Looney Tunes slippers, sweatpants and sweatshirt.

In order not to distort its naturalness, Hawkesworth opted for portraits, with the natural light of 6am on a sunday morning. The result is a series of personal and intimate portraits that is miles away from the typically glamorous version of the top model we are used to seeing.

South African author Richard Mason, interviewed the 37-year-old who spoke about her work as an environmentalist. In addition to the pictures from the shoot, the issue also contains a series of images from her personal albums: herself from her early days as a model and with her husband and children.

The February issue of Vogue Italia releases on February 6.

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