Editorial of the Week: Karoline’s Day Off (LoveFMD First Look June 2018)


Our Editorial in Focus this week is an artsy nude titled Karoline’s Day Off.

According to photographers Woszczyna & Wiesnowski, the shoot is not just an editorial, but rather a narrative featuring left-over body-paint and a mask. There is no mood board and the model fills in the gaps. In contrast to posing to the whims of others, the model poses for herself. ‘Take a day off from being your everyday self is what we tell our models on every editorial shoot. We let the model tell her version of the story, play her part as she pleases,’ explains Margaret and Jack.

Known for maintaining a cohesive narrative during the execution of a project, Woszczyna & Wiesnowski are keen on offering a glimpse of model’s true self as opposed to her learned self. ‘Being free does not mean one has to be wild in front of the camera. Not at all. Sometimes, being your true self may mean letting go of all your inhibitions, but more often than not it’s a moment of quiet reflection, a melancholic state. It depends on who you truly are, and it’s also the essence of what we want to capture,’ they conclude.

Nudity as a form of artistic expression in fashion photography is nothing new. Over the years there have been many photographers known for their work with nudes, including Ellen von Unwerth, Juergen Teller, Guy Bourdin and famed photographer Helmut Newton who was among the first to shoot semi-nudes and nudes for Vogue Paris, as well as other publications.

Altogether the images from Karoline’s Day Off are pretty self-explanatory: Nudity is Fashion.

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LoveFMD First Look June 2018
Editorial: Karoline’s Day Off
Photographer(s): Woszczyna & Wiesnowski
Make-up: Ewelina Tymoszuk
Hair: Wiktoria Kopel / Jaga Hupalo (Born to Create)
Model: Karolina Golebiowska (Mango Models)
Featured Brands: Muzy I Cienie

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