JW Anderson taps Amateur Photographers to shoot its Fall 2018 Campaign

JW Anderson Fall Campaign 2018

JW Anderson has tapped 2 Amateur Photographers to shoot its Fall 2018 Campaign.

The photographers: Julie Greve (UK), Simons Finnerty (US) and Yelena Beletskaya (Russia), are from the ‘Your Picture / Our Future’ initiative which was set up in February of this year by the label.

Creative Director Jonathan Anderson wanted to look for new talent and so the highly rewarding photo competition was born. Each of the photographers submitted six original photos to the London-based label for a chance to shoot its Fall 2018 campaign. The winners were chosen from a pool of 2,000 submissions between the ages of 18 and 30, of which only 50 were selected to have their work featured in a photography exhibition. After countless difficult jury decisions, the brand finally selected the three newcomers from the pool of 50.

All of the three amateurs worked with Jonathan Anderson, stylist Benjamin Bruno and creative agency M/M Paris to bring their visions to life. Julie used women in her interpretation of the collection, Simons made a self-portrait series and Yelena turned to the raw side of nature. Altogether, the result is a series of striking and unconventional images that fit in line with JW Anderson’s approach to design and imagery.

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