Marc Jacobs reissues his controversial 1990s Grunge Collection


Marc Jacobs is revamping his controversial 1990s Grunge Collection.

Presented for the Spring/Summer season of 1993 when Jacobs was still working as a chief designer of the American brand Perry Ellis, the collection mirrored everything that made him feel alive: the grunge movement, the new sound of bands like Nirvana and Sonic Youth, and the realism of a new generation of fashion photographers like Juergen Teller, David Sims or Corinne Day.

A turning point in the carer of Jacobs, the Grunge Collection received heavy criticism and he was fired because Perry Ellis feared that the controversial designs could end up in financial disaster if launched. Jacobs founded his own brand and a short time later caught the eye of the Louis Vuitton house, becoming its chief designer making the leap into the highest spheres of the fashion world.

Now 26 years later Jacobs is revisiting the 26 looks from the mythical collection. Titled ‘Redux Grunge Collection 1993/2018’, it is a modern take on the unforgettable original 1990s style. Juergen Teller photographed the lookbook with Jacobs choosing the daughters of grunge icons and muses of yesteryear like Ella Richards, granddaughter of Keith Richards, Lily McMenamy, and Dree Hemingway, as well as the present day icons like Slick Woods and Gigi Hadid.

The collection will be available on and select stores from 15 November.

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