Polo Ralph Lauren celebrates Black Equestrians in its latest Campaign

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is telling the story of Black Equestrians in its latest campaign.

Lensed by Sharif Hamza, the campaign shows the alumni of Work to Ride: Daymar Rosser, Kareem Rosser, Shariah Harris, and Malachi Lyles in classics of Polo Ralph Lauren – including the iconic Oxford Shirt, Silk Narrow Tie and Mesh Polo. Through the campaign, one gets to learn the life stories of Rosser, Harris, and Lyles, all of whom have won several riding accolades and have helped the organization grow over the years.

Work to Ride is a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization that gives disadvantaged urban youth the opportunity to learn, train, and develop life skills through equestrian activities and horse care. In addition, it offers tutoring and educational scholarships to high school athletes, which will be directly supported by Ralph Lauren in the future.

‘We want them to get good grades; we want to expose them to a wider world, provide them with as much opportunity as we can, and introduce them to as many new things, within our power, that we can,’ Lezlie Hiner, founder of Work to Ride told Polo Ralph Lauren. ‘It’s gone from just trying to get them through high school to at this point, really stressing moving onto college. And that’s not going to be for everybody. We don’t groom them to be professional polo players. The polo is a vehicle.’

Polo Ralph Lauren’s latest campaign sets the example that polo sports should not be reserved for royals and the wealthy upper class, but that a connection to the real lives of many people can be made, which produces a much positive result.

Learn more about Work to Ride’s story and its members on ralphlauren.com.

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