Model Of The Week: Eliza Ryszewska

Eliza Ryszewska

Each week, we take the time to highlight one of our favorite emerging models. Last week, we profiled Cayley King and this week we’re turning our attention to the talented Eliza Ryszewska.

Cheerful, down-to-earth and smart, the Radziejow native lets us in on her career so far, her passion for modeling and her plans for the future.

Nationality: Polish
Instagram: elizaryszewska

Have you always wanted to be a model? If not, what did you want to be growing up?

I’ve never wanted to be a model. I always dreamt about being a doctor or a vet. So that’s the reason why I started modeling later.

How were you scouted?

It’s a bit of a funny story because I was scouted in a shopping mall by my mother agency (mango models). At first, I thought that it is a stupid joke and I felt very uncomfortable :) but after a few minutes, I knew that it is for real. I didn’t want to be a model at the time, so I thought about it for 4 years and when I was 18 I decided to meet with them again and I signed a contract. It was my first serious decision in my life and I don’t regret it.

How would you describe yourself as a model in three words?

Ambitious, optimistic, hardworking

Your first modeling job?

As an exclusive for Gucci SS17.

What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about being a model?

Definitely the opportunity to go to places I’ve only ever dreamed of. Some job locations are just incredible. Trust me, you would have never chosen some of these places for holidays, some of them are super small and unknown. Like the countryside, wild beaches, lakes with amazing sunsets. I just can’t describe how beautiful they are.

What’s been your biggest OMG moment to date?

For sure it is a Gucci show because it was something absolutely new for me. I was a bit stressed and excited; I didn’t know what I should expect or how modeling works. And everything happened super-fast in June, I signed a contract and in September I was working with Gucci. Now I know how lucky I am as a model. :)

What is your dream shoot/campaign?

Like every model, I want to do something big with a good brand, which is my dream of course, but I also have my small dream. I would like to have work with puppies or dogs. I’m absolutely in love with them.

Biggest lesson that modeling has taught you?

Always be yourself and never give up because you never know what the next day will bring you.

What’s the best life advice you’ve ever received?

Always have an emergency underwear in your backpack, you never know when your luggage will get lost. Hahaha, it’s helping trust me :)

How do you stay in shape?

The best way to stay in shape is just to listen to your own body. I try to eat healthily and move a lot. Not just gym, but also walking, biking, swimming, jumping and smiling everyday :)

What do you think about fashion? What does it mean to you?

Fashion is an important part of culture and of my life of course. It changed my mindset completely.

If you had to be head to toe in one designer brand for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Honestly the hardest question! I have no idea. Every brand is different but I’m in love with Tom Ford, Dior, and Versace.

How would you describe your style?

Simple and classic

Denim or leather?

Definitely Denim but add on a leather jacket :)

Heels or flats?

More comfy flats.

Vintage or contemporary fashion?


What is your guilty pleasure?

My one true love: ICE CREAM!

What’s been your most indulgent purchase since you became a model?

I haven’t bought anything yet :)

If you were an emoji, which would you be and why?

(The smiley with the hearts around it) – always in love, it is so easy to make me cry and make my happy at the same time. I’m very sensitive, grateful and I’m trying to give the best of me to other people.

When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

When I have free time there is just one place where you can find me: the kitchen! I love cooking and baking, especially for my family and friends.

What are you working on now and what do you dream of happening in the future?

Still trying to be a better version of myself than the day before. For now, just being happy.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

No idea where I will be tomorrow! In 10 years, I wish I would be happy with amazing people, I don’t care where :)

Check out Eliza’s profile here and check back next week to find out who our next ‘Model of the Week’ is.

Thank you, Eliza, for this amazing interview!
Interview by: Clinton Gonsalvez
Special Thanks to Teizeen Haji @ Why Not Model Agency (Milan, Italy).

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