Model Of The Week: Johanna Schapfeld

Model Of The Week: Johanna Schapfeld

Each week, we take the time to highlight one of our favorite emerging models. Last week, we profiled Leila Zandonai and this week we’re turning our attention to Johanna Schapfeld. Outshining with an impressive resume, the German model has come a long way at just the age of 21. Instantly recognizable for her artistic features, Johanna is definitely a model to keep an eye on. We caught up with her to talk about her career so far, her passion for modeling and her plans for the future.

Nationality: German
Instagram: johanna_scha

Have you always wanted to be a model? If not, what did you want to be growing up?

I started gaining interest in modeling when I was about 14 years old. Before that, I always wanted to work with animals and I still do. My dream would be to work as a model and have a farm of rescued animals on the side.

How were you scouted?

When I was 16, I sent some pictures to Eastwest and got invited to a casting, but my parents decided that they wanted me to graduate first and then concentrate on modeling. After I graduated I asked Eastwest if they were still interested and luckily they said yes.

How would you describe yourself as a model in three words?

Ambitious, versatile and reliable

Your first modeling job?

A shoot in Germany for evening gowns.

What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about being a model?

Definitely meeting new people every time I go to work. You never know what to expect and that keeps it very interesting and fun.

Is there anyone that you admire as a role model and why?

As a public figure I really admire Doutzen Kroes, because she is not only stunning but also has something to say and also Stella McCartney because she combines cruelty-free with high fashion.

What’s been your biggest OMG moment to date?

My first time walking and opening the Burberry Show. This was my first show I ever did and I will never forget how amazing it felt, walking down this runway.

What is your dream shoot/campaign?

I would love to work for Stella McCartney. I also dream about getting a chance to shoot a cover for Vogue.

Biggest lesson that modeling has taught you?

How to be able to adapt to any situation and to be more independent. Sometimes they are unpredictable things happening and you have to make it work without having your parents or friends to help you out.

What’s the best life advice you’ve ever received?

Do as you would be done by.

How do you stay in shape?

I do not have a strict workout regime, but I always try to stay active, get outside and eat as clean as possible. I also really enjoy Yoga and running

What do you think about fashion? What does it mean to you?

It means a lot to me because for me fashion is a tool to express myself. My outfits often represent how I feel or how I want to feel.

If you had to be head to tow in one designer brand for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Anything vintage and/or thrifted (I can not just choose one designer)

How would you describe your style?

It really depends on my mood and also the weather. It can go from sporty, strong and minimalistic to flirty, feminine and colorful.

Denim or leather?


Heels or flats?


Vintage or contemporary fashion?


What is your guilty pleasure?

Chips and coffee

What’s been your most indulgent purchase since you became a model?

A bag from Stella McCartney

When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Going on a hike with my dogs, running, spending time with family, friends and my boyfriend. Just being outside in general and getting the sleep I did not get while being busy.

What are you working on now and what do you dream of happening in the future?

I am currently in New York to see, how the market works for me and I hope to be able to work here a lot in the future, because I really fell in love with this city.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Going back and forth between New York and my farm in Germany.

Check out Johanna’s profile here and check back next week to find out who our next ‘Model of the Week’ is.

Thank you, Johanna, for taking the time to talk with us!
Interview by: Clinton Gonsalvez
Special Thanks to Elena Ghesini @ Women Management (Milan).

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