Fendi launches Perfumed Leather Handbags

Fendi Perfumed Leather Handbags

Italian fashion house Fendi has teamed up with Paris-based perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to create perfumed versions of its iconic ‘Baguette bag’.

The limited-edition capsule comprises of three different bags: a Baguette for men, one for women and a small Nano Baguette. All of the pieces are sumptuously fragranced with a new perfume called Fendi Frenesia created by Kurkdjian. The name of the fragrance is an ode to the house’s late creative director, Karl Lagerfeld who designed the FF monogram of the brand, in the sixties.

Fendi Frenesia is a blend of labdanum, styrax oil, vanilla bean, and notes of rose and the baguette has an exclusive patented leather-scenting technique (developed by Kurkdjian) guarantees the scent will last for up to three years. While the internal structure of the leather allows it to retain the fragrance, there is also a 5 ml vial of Fendi Frenesia to intensify the fragrance or extend its lifespan. The fragrance must not come into direct contact with the leather of the bag to prevent stains and discoloration.

According to Fendi it wanted to give its new bags a scent because of the intimate relationship that a woman has with both a bag and a scent. Both are worn close to the body and are a reflection of her personality, just like the Baguette does.

The Fendi x Francis Kurkdjian baguette collection is available now. The “Nano” (priced at 450 euro) is sold online while all three will be sold at Fendi’s Miami Design.

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