Cover Story: Julia Almendra – The Epitome Of Summer Sweetness

Julia Almendra Interview

‘I always fantasized about modeling when I was in my teenage years but was always too shy to actually pursue it,’ says Almendra, as she recalls how her modeling career started. ‘Thanks to my best friend who finally sent my picture to my mother agency (Modelwerk) I got to sign my first contract and soon after I was sent to Paris and New York,’ she says.


Born in Germany but raised in Ibiza, one of an early band of German ingenues to land on the Fashion scene in December of 2012 – Almendra made an indelible mark on the international modeling industry. Her stand out attitude led her to find favor on the international runway circuit of Milan and Paris where she looked to carve a varied character trajectory on her own terms.


With a poise beyond her years, off-duty Almendra has carried herself with a grace that caught the eye of editors in a short space of time, making her a familiar face across magazine glossies. This recent change in direction has given Almendra new-found confidence and grounding, exploring untapped facets of herself. ‘Who is not struggling with self-esteem these days. I guess I always tell myself to not take it all too seriously and not to be so hard on myself,’ she explains candidly. ‘Everyone goes through the same shit at the end of the day. Everyone struggles sometimes. Just try to give yourself that self-love.’


Julia Almendra Interview
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It would be hard to imagine a warm, witty, and frequently hilarious personality than Julia Almendra. Looking radiant, the 25-year-old German beauty is animatedly enthusiastic about what 2020 holds for her. Her conversation is peppered with anecdotes: ‘Maybe a bit cliche, but every day is a new chance given to you to be the person you want to be. Be responsible for your life, start checking and correcting yourself before blaming others. That is when you take your power back.


Does she feel that models are able to find long-lasting friendships within the industry today? ‘Absolutely!’ she says. ‘I found at least 2 girls, that I know we gonna be friends for at least forever. I am so lucky cause we even all moved to the same town. You find a lot of friends along the way, and you stick together maybe for the time you are both abroad in the same town and that is super magical too. You get to experience all the things together and you have someone you can talk to at the end of the day.’


Almendra is very forthcoming about her beauty routine. ‘Always wash your face! And hydrate your skin! I don’t think it’s good to use too many products! Find your favorite and stick to it. Also, if you have problems go to your dermatologist they know best,’ she explains. What’s the “secret” to her gorgeous hair I want to know. ‘Hmmm haha. Well it starts with the right colorist and ends with the right products. Also just don’t wash your hair every day. Sometimes leave a good mask or just almond oil overnight,’ she says.


Julia Almendra Interview
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Almendra’s talent transcends beyond the camera as she is fluent in Spanish, German, and English. Despite her modest assertions, her career seems only to be in the ascendant. What does she believe is the key to success for a model? ‘Strong character. Like it’s not as easy as it looks being a model. Focus. And a good sense of humor,’ she clarifies.


Almendra’s approach to fitness is proof that she works hard to stay runway-read. ‘I love yoga. But then I also need something to get out all the toxic thoughts and anger and overthinking out my mind. For that I do running kickboxing something that really makes one sweat,’ she says. How does she stay in shape? ‘Well at the start you could say I was a bit of a lazy one. But now I do kickboxing, yoga and go to many classes around Berlin and try many things. I try to go at least 15 times a month. Sometimes it’s hard if you have to work to stay balanced. Other than that, I try to eat good food that is nutritious,’ she continues.


Almendra currently lives in Berlin, where she moved as her modeling career took off. When not busy modeling she describes a perfect day that includes taking her bike and her dog. Strolling and seeing her friends. ‘I love treating myself. It can be anything. It can be just a stay in bed day or going to have a nice dinner with loved ones. Or buying something just because. Or being nice to your body by maybe having a mask. Or maybe having a drink too much. Enjoying your life,’ she says.


Julia Almendra Interview
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Almendra’s ethos when it comes to social media is anything but ostentatious. ‘I know I need it, and I know clients look at it. So, I try to put effort into it. I am not completely sure how all the algorithms work. Like I’m not that deep into it. I wouldn’t say I don’t post everyday. It’s really spontaneous. But I take my content seriously,’ she tells me.


She describes her use of social media as authentic. ‘Yes, it’s a good tool for use for the image you want to create. I always prefer accounts that feel authentic, so I think it’s important. I don’t think in general that social media is healthy for everyone. I’m sure had my moment too with it. But it would be a lie if I said it’s not important anymore,’ she continues.


I tell Almendra that her scintillating blonde hair is reminiscent of iconic 70’s model Patti Hansen and that it radiates to capture anyone’s attention. ‘Actually no. But she was a babe so thank you!,’ she quips.


Julia Almendra Interview


Almendra is an absolute joy. She has this classic, innocent beauty, and a look that represents everything that is modern and relevant to casting today. She’s a total tomboy and she has absolute self-confidence. With her million-dollar smile, striking demeanor, and great personality, she is on a fast track to making an impact in the fashion world.


Julia Almendra Interview


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