Model of the Week: Eugenia Hannover

Model of the Week Eugenia Hannover

Each week, we take the time to highlight one of our favorite emerging models. Previously, we profiled Nike Fortmann and this week we’re turning our attention to Eugenia Hannover. The 19-year-old Gottingen native has a natural elegance and poise that’s likely to have every editor, stylist and designer taking note and we expect to see a lot more of her in the not-too-distant future. We caught with her to talk about her career so far, her passion for modeling, and her plans for the future.


Nationality: German
Instagram: Eugeniaha


Have you always wanted to be a model? If not, what did you want to be growing up?
I always wanted to be a doctor but modeling is another dream that came true.


How were you scouted?
I got scouted in South Africa when I was 16 years old. After that I thought about working as a model so I emailed some photos to an agency in Germany. They luckily responded. 😉


How would you describe yourself as a model in three words?
humorous, adventurous and honest


Your first modeling job?
My first modeling job was for the shoe brand Buffalo.


What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about being a model?
I appreciate that a model has the chance to travel all over the world meeting new people.


Is there anyone that you admire as a role model and why?
I admire the women that are good-hearted and have strong personalties like my mother and my grandmother.


What’s been your biggest OMG moment to date?
It definitely was when I saw my horse for the first time.


What is your dream shoot/campaign?
My dream is to be on the cover of Vogue magazine.


Biggest lesson that modeling has taught you?
Be polite and spread positive vibes no matter how you are feeling.


What’s the best life advice you’ve ever received?
Learn from your mistakes and make it better next time.


How do you stay in shape?
I try to do sports every day. My favorite sport activities are pilates, swimming and horse riding.


What do you think about fashion? What does it mean to you?
Fashion is the best way to express yourself and to show your identity.


If you had to be head to toe in one designer brand for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Yves Saint Laurent is amazing especially the fashion from the 80/90s.


How would you describe your style?
Glamorous and elegant


Denim or leather?


Heels or flats?
Heels even though flats are more comfortable.


Vintage or contemporary fashion?


What is your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is watching videos of surgeries.


What’s been your most indulgent purchase since you became a model?
It’s always when I buy chocolate…


If you were an emoji, which would you be and why?
I would probably be the ‘Woman Facepalming emoji’ because I am pretty wacky.


When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?
I love playing the piano and violin, horse riding, and drawing.


What are you working on now and what do you dream of happening in the future?
I’m preparing for an Austrian medicine test because I want to start studying in October.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
In 10 years I see myself as a surgeon making other people happy.


Check out Eugenia’s profile here and check back next week to find out who our next ‘Model of the Week’ is.


Thank you, for taking the time to talk with us!
Interview by Clinton Gonsalvez
Special Thanks to Cindy Klein @ Modelwerk (Hamburg).


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