Prada partners with Sotheby’s to auction articles from its Fall/Winter 2020 show

Prada Sothebys

Prada has teamed up with Sotheby’s for a good cause.

The Italian luxury fashion house will present its Fall/Winter advertising campaign not as pictures but as an online auction in collaboration with the world’s fourth oldest auction house.

Titled ‘Tools of Memory’ the auction will feature fashion items, show ephemera, photographic prints of backstage photos taken by Daniel Arnold, Gigi Hadid, Phil Meech, Kevin Tachman, show invitations, parts of the catwalk decorations and pieces drawn from the runway decor from the universes of the Prada Fall / Winter 2020 men’s and women’s fashion shows.

All of the garments are one-of-a-kind, worn by models during each fashion show, immortalizing the backstage process and on-stage performance. Proceeds from the sale will go to educational projects run by UNESCO that aim to expand inclusion among vulnerable populations and disadvantaged groups around the world.

The campaign images are presented as in pages from an auction catalog by juxtaposing backstage photography and precious artifacts. It honors Miuccia Prada’s unique position within the house of Prada, in which she redefined the world of fashion through design, art, architecture, and how we understand luxury today.

‘Fashion has a duty not only to reflect its times but to help shape them. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown of Spring 2020 not only affected the machinations of the fashion system – making it impossible to work in manners previously deemed essential – but posited questions about fashion’s place within a wider social context. The purpose of fashion, not only within a crisis but within culture as a whole, is as a meaningful and useful tool, to affect change’ said Prada as part of the launch of its autumn/winter campaign 2020/21.

Prada unveiled a small number of items were on 20th July, on In the coming months, details of additional items will be released before the full auction catalog is brought online in time for the auction to begin on October 2, 2020. Visit for more information.

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