Model of the Week: Mandy Stenzel

Mandy Stenzel

Each week, we take the time to highlight one of our favorite emerging models. Previously, we profiled Joelle Scheika and this week we’re turning our attention to Mandy Stenzel. We caught up with the budding German beauty to talk about her career so far, her passion for modeling and her plans for the future.

Nationality: German
Instagram: mandystenzel

Have you always wanted to be a model? If not, what did you want to be growing up?
Becoming a model always seemed so elusive, so far away. I started studying philosophy and biology, i wanted to learn as much about life as possible and now, i guess, i just found one of the best ways to reach this.

How were you scouted?
I sent four polas of me to my lovely agency and then things went really fast from there. Way easier then everyone would expect. And I remember that the day after Claudia Midolo commented with a heart under one of my pictures, you don’t know how happy i was haha.

How would you describe yourself as a model in three words?
Knowing-what-to-do Sassy-classy Human

Your first modeling job?
Campaign for Aboutyou in prague, amazing first experience in this business and photographer was Maxime Ballesteros, such an honor.

What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about being a model?
It affects your whole life, you can’t say what will happen tomorrow but you know that it will stay with you. It gives you so much, its hard to explain. Then of course being part of this industry, which is determined by aesthetic, beauty, creativity and hard work. It has its own way and to understand it more and more is beautiful.

Is there anyone that you admire as a role model and why?
Not really, sorry for that, but there are a lot of people outside who are doing amazing. And i’m a huge fan of my booker vici xx. But actually its not my kind to have like a role model.

What’s been your biggest OMG moment to date?
Getting the message ‘hi Mandy you’re doing vogue beauty tomorrow’

What is your dream shoot/campaign?
There are a lot, but hellooo to Prada.

How do you stay in shape?
I’m in Athens, so i am literally walking a lot. But for me it helps to dress in slim fit clothes and running through my apartment, besides stretching. And of course the normal stuff like working out and try to eat not that much. Volume eating helps me too. It’s individuell and i’m changing my behaviour from day to day by looking at yesterday.

What do you think about fashion? What does it mean to you?
Loving the beauty of it, barely nothing is so beautiful. But you can tell that i’m speaking about real fashion.

If you had to be head to toe in one designer brand for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Denim or leather?

What is your guilty pleasure?
Mulberries, nut butter, actually all the eating combinations that i create, i’m quite good at this. Designer pieces.

What’s been your most indulgent purchase since you became a model?
Every purchase which fits my ipad and some nude underwear but also my little lv pochette and my jacket pocket.

When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?
Calm down from modeling (don’t get me wrong). Writing and painting in my little books, handling all this life, being grateful.

What are you working on now and what do you dream of happening in the future?
Would love to be part of Women Managment. Writing, painting more and to publish something.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
Would rack my brain to truly thinking about this, but I know i will be doing great. Lets stay excited.

Check out Mandy’s profile here and check back next week to find out who our next ‘Model of the Week’ is.

Thank you Mandy, for taking the time to talk with us!
Interview by Clinton Gonsalvez
Special Thanks to Jostin-Jorge Stehr @ Modelwerk (Hamburg).

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