Uniqlo launches limited Edition Capsule Collection with Mame Kurogouchi

UNIQLO x Mame Kurogouchi

Japanese casual wear brand has teamed up with Mame Kurogouchi, a Japanese womenswear brand for a limited Edition Capsule Collection that blurs the line between underwear and clothing.

Titled UNIQLO x Mame Kurogouchi the capsule comprises of T-Shirts, Sweaters, Pants, Skirts, Dresses and Innewear in deep earth-toned color palette that complements the natural skin tones. From comfortable cotton maxi skirts and flared leggings to oversized tank tops and bras that feel like a second skin, every item in the collection transitions seamlessly from innerwear to clothes.

Altogether, the collection encourages women to wear what they choose, however they choose to style it with carefree elegance in everyday life. Kurogouchi was inspired to create the collection when she noticed a dramatic shift in women’s wardrobes, and what women wish for and expect from undergarments. Combining her designs with Uniqlo’s innovative technology, all of the pieces are made from AIRism fabric thereby providing the perfect balance of beauty and comfort

‘I view innerwear as beautiful, romantic garments that also require comfort, and I’ve long admired the soft comfort of Uniqlo innerwear. In addition to functionality, I imagined a line of undergarments that could make women’s bodies look and feel beautiful. If women felt confident in the mirror each morning, I felt it could add joy to their everyday lives. In creating this collection, I began with the functional elements I seek out when choosing undergarments, and added design details such as a color palette inspired by women’s natural skin tones, and cuts to frame the beautiful curves of the body. By blending design with Uniqlo’s world-leading technology, my hope was to create a collection that allows women to transition easily from innerwear to clothes,’ Maiko Kurogouchi designer of Mame Kurogouchi said of the collection in a press release.

Maiko has been gaining worldwide recognition for her exquisite collections featuring artistry and ingeniously constructed details. The Tokyo based designer who spent three years at Issey Miyake started her own label in 2010.

The UNIQLO x Mame Kurogouchi collection is available now in Select Stores and on the Uniqlo website.

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