How To Style a Skirt: 7 Tips For Styling Skirts

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Wearing a nice-looking skirt opens a ton of styling options for you. It is not like a dress that will look the same every time that you put it on, regardless of what type of accessories you wear with it. A skirt can be combined with any type of ensemble to create new and exciting designs. Below are seven distinct ways to style skirts in a few simple moments.


1. Belt: An extremely effortless way to style your skirt is to add a belt to the outfit. The sky’s the limit here because you do not necessarily want a belt that matches the color of your skirt. When you wear a belt as a fashion statement you want it to stand out, distracting from the fact that the skirt is the same one that you wore last week.


2. Balance: If your skirt is loose and full of ruffles you should wear a tight-fitting top, such as a tank top, to balance the outfit. A form-fitting designed skirt would look good to have with a looser top that coordinates with it.


3. Socks: Wearing socks with a skirt can give a different type of appearance simply due to your styling choices. Wear a pair of plaid one day, and then the next time wear some solid colors to blend in with your outfit.


4. Tights: There are so many different styles of tights that you could literally have a different look every time you put a skirt on that you acquired through Dainty Jewells. You can match them to the color of your skirt or top, or you can be bold and wear some bright colors to stand out.


5. Shoes: You probably have a closet full of shoes from which you can choose. If not, get some. Choosing different types and styles of shoes can give a totally different outward appearance. Wear some high stilettos one day, and nice sandals with painted toenails the next.


6. Jacket: You can always add a jacket to style your skirt outfit. Changing the type and the colors of the jacket can give a fresh look. You can even change things during your lunch break to create the image of changing halfway through the day.


7. Statement: Create a style that matches your attitude or mood for the day. You can always wear plain skirts that allow you to blend into the herd around you, or you can wear big ruffles and bold prints to stand out from the crowd. If you are going to create your own style and design, you need to go all out and make a statement.


As just seen above, these seven tips to style your skirt gives you countless options to change things up each time that you wear the same skirt. The biggest benefit of wearing a skirt is that you can create various looks, and styles to match who you are, what you believe in and or how you feel that day.


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