Harry Styles co-designs a 70s Inspired Collection for Gucci

Gucci Ha Ha Ha Collection

British singer and fashion muse Harry Styles and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele have collaborated on a 70s Inspired Collection.

Titled ‘Gucci Ha Ha Ha’ the collection encompasses white ankle boots with a red heart, whimsical knit cardigans, yellow cherry-printed gingham suits with wide lapels, duffle coats, a velvet double breasted tuxedo jacket, flared pants, colorful shirts with childlike motifs of cherries or sheep, wide-brimmed hats, grumpy teddy bear decorated printed pajamas, and Styles’ signature Gavroche caps.

The unusual name of the capsule comes from blending of the first initials of Michele’s and Styles’ names, as well as an onomatopoeic translation of the laughing emoji. ‘When I first met Harry, he had just ventured into his solo career, and I had just started at Gucci; he had chosen an outfit for one of his appearances and asked to see me. I was ready to be dismissive because I thought he was some sort of upcoming singer from a boy band and I didn’t have time for that. But then he came to the meeting dressed in a fabulous fake fur coat and I just loved it. I changed my mind in an instant. That’s how our friendship started,’ Michele said of his friendship with Styles.

According to Michele, the idea of working with Styles came to him while they were talking on the phone and he proposed creating a ‘dream wardrobe’. ‘Harry has an incredible sense of fashion. Observing his ability to combine items of clothing in a way that is out of the ordinary I came to understand that the styling of a look is a generator of differences and of powers, as are his reactions to the designs I have created for him, which he has always made his own; these reactions restore me with a rush of freedom every time,’ Michele added.

The Gucci Ha Ha Ha collection will be available in Gucci stores by mid-October.

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