Coco Capitan and Cowboy Collaborate On A Limited Edition Collection Of T-Shirts

Cowboy x Coco Capitan White T-shirt

Belgian e-bike brand Cowboy and Spanish Artist Coco Capitan have teamed up to create a limited edition capsule of T-shirts.

The white T-shirt features one of Coco’s prose in her signature handwritten style. All sale proceeds will be donated to Cool Earth, via Work for Good, a non-profit organization protecting rainforests and supporting indigenous communities. Projects range from helping local people fight deforestation to decolonizing data for better environmental adaption. Capitan continues to fundraise for Cool Earth’s rainforest conservation.

‘It’s not enough for a city to be liveable, it should be living. For too long, the places where we live have lost a sense of human scale. And we’ve lost a connection with our surroundings and what makes a place tick. Cyclists and pedestrians; artists and creatives; we – at street level – are who make a city’s culture unique. When we ride, we bring this connection back to ourselves and the people and nature around us. It’s time for a rewilding of self and place. It was an honor for Cowboy to work with Coco Capitan to articulate this idea into an art form riders everywhere could wear with pride,’ Adrien Roose, Cowboy Co-Founder & CEO, said in a press release.

‘I was already a fan of Cowboy’s bikes and mission, and I found this project to be a great opportunity to support a non-profit organization dear to my heart, Cool Earth. Biking for me has always been a sort of activism, and I truly hope this collaboration sheds light on what is part of the solution for greener, more sustainable cities. Sometimes you just need a little electric push,’ Coco Capitan added.

Priced at 45 Euros, the Cowboy x Coco Capitan White T-shirt is available now at Cowboys online store.

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