Zalando launches size-inclusive footwear collection in collaboration with seven designer brands

Zalando Walk a Mile

European fashion and lifestyle platform Zalando has launched a size-inclusive shoe collection.

Titled ‘Walk a Mile’ the collection is made in collaboration with seven designer brands: Filling Pieces, Rejina Pyo, Holzweiler, MISBHV, Elleme, GCDS and Ekchaus Latta.

The 14-piece collection comprises of statement footwear ranging from size 35 to 46 and caters to all shoe lovers, including those looking for a smaller or larger size. Each of the seven designers has used their distinctive styles and voices in their designs while working with a shared vision of creating inclusive, customer-centric fashion. Zalando supported the designer brands with an investment in shoe molds enabling additional sizes to complement their usual ranges.

The release of the collection is accompanied by a campaign featuring Brazilian multi-artist, Slim Soledad, model, actress, and advocate, Raya Martigny, Paris-based model, Maggie Maurer and model, dancer, and social media personality, Reece King

‘The path to inclusivity starts with walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. The inclusive footwear collection and the aptly named ‘Walk a Mile’ campaign accompanying it represent our effort to do just that. The collection is another step forward in our journey towards being a truly inclusive destination. This collection wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration of the seven designer brands, which have been incredible to work with to achieve this vision. This type of teamwork is essential across the industry, and we hope this is one of many collections of this nature we will work on to help make fashion inclusive for all,’ Lena-Sophie Roper, Director Designer & Luxury at Zalando said in a press release.

‘I wanted everyone who enjoys GCDS’s creative codes to be able to wear these shoes and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed designing them. When Zalando came with the offer, I was extremely excited because I knew they had a strong community and a large reach that could help me get these shoes to more people. I am grateful to be able to share my designs with a larger audience,’ said Giuliano Calza, Founder & Creative Director at GCDS.

‘Looking into the future, we hope to base a big part of our collection on inclusiveness and use production synergies that allow us to use existing tooling to make sure the products are made for various sizes from the start,’ said Guillaume Philibert, Founder at Filling Pieces.

‘We value inclusivity as a core value of our brand and hope that this is the beginning of the new normal. We should be living in a post-gender and post-inclusivity era where the option to not offer inclusive sizing doesn’t exist,’ said Natalia Maczek, Founder of MISBHV.

The Zalando Walk a Mile collection is available now in all 25 European markets where Zalando operates.

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