Gabriela Hearst Is Stepping Down as Creative Director of Chloe

Gabriela Hearst Chloe

It’s official. Gabriela Hearst is stepping down as creative director of luxury Parisian house Chloe after three years.

The American Designer succeeded Natacha Ramsay-Levi in 2020 and played a key role in transforming Chloe into a socially and environmentally committed company. She oversaw a period of sustained growth, and expanded the female-forward legacy of founder Gaby Aghion.

‘It has been the greatest privilege to share my creative vision and to add my voice to the story of Chloe, a remarkable Maison that I have always loved so dearly. I am grateful to have been part of the incredible team laying strong foundations for a purpose-driven future for fashion, and I am so proud of the positive change we have collectively achieved in developing a business and design perspective that puts our people and our environment first. Thank you in particular to Riccardo Bellini and Philippe Fortunato as well as Jerome Lambert and our Chairman Mr Rupert for allowing me to enjoy this extraordinary period of learning and growth,’ Hearst said in a heartfelt statement addressing her departure.

‘Very few houses have such a history of strong female leaders who have each made their unique contribution to the Maison, under the inspirational legacy of its founder Gaby Aghion. I represent a standard for quality that has no space for compromise and I believe in honoring the interconnectivity that we all belong to. I feel empowered and excited about the work done at Chloe and moreover, to leave a clear message that a woman can do it all and have fun while at it,’ she continued.

‘I would like to congratulate Gabriela and her team for the vision and devotion they have brought to Chloe, for laying strong foundations for future growth and for being an inspirational maison for sustainability in fashion. I am extremely proud of what Richemont, Gabriela Hearst and the Chloe team have accomplished together in the last three years,’ commented Philippe Fortunato, chief executive officer of Richemont Fashion & Accessories.

‘I would like to warmly thank her for bringing so much of herself to this mission – her passion, drive and values, and for her unwavering commitment to supporting the maison’s meaningful progression in shaping a more responsible future, true to the legacy of our founder,’ Chloe president and CEO Riccardo Bellini said.

Hearst’s last collection for Chloe will be the Spring/Summer 2024 and will be presented at Paris Fashion Week on 28th September 2023. Her successor is yet to be named.

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