How to Dress Your Linen Clothing Collection for Winter

Linen Clothing

Most people think of linen as an exclusive summer fabric. While it is light and breathable, the fabric is made of strong flax fibers, making it perfect for cold weather. Linen’s rich texture also complements all outfits with stylish depth that can be transferred to cold months. Styling linen clothes during winter can prove challenging, however, you can still look stylish without sacrificing your warmth. Below are a few tips for wearing linen in winter.

1. Choose heavy linen clothing
Winter temperatures are unforgiving, so you should choose relatively heavy linen clothing to keep you warm. Fortunately, because of linen’s inherent qualities, several heavy linen options give off more heat than lightweight options. Quince has a great lineup of these heavy options.

2. Use linen as a base layer
Linen clothing is an excellent option as a layering piece for your outfits for winter. Wearing linen under a sweater, cardigan, or trench coat adds comfort and coziness. This is a perfect opportunity to try our different layered looks, especially tonal layering, which provides a chic vibe. Linen can also be worn as a top layer and would keep you warm without making your dressing look bulky. For instance, you can wear a long-sleeve linen shirt over a tee.

3. Choose winter-appropriate colors
Though mostly undocumented, dark colors like shades of black, brown, and gray are perfect for the cold winter weather because they can absorb heat. They can be easily mixed and matched hence choose dark-colored linen garments for the utmost comfort.

4. Maintain a consistent palette
Regardless of the number of layers and linen garments you wear, you should ensure your outfit remains cohesive by choosing colors that form a consistent palette. A simple trick is choosing clothing with different tones of one color. You can also pair different hues that complement each other.

5. Accessorize your linen outfits nicely
Like always, details in your dress are what make the difference. Unless you don’t like accessories, scarves, hats, and high boots can spice up your linen outfits. With the right accessories, you can remix different clothes in various outfits.

What are the most versatile linen clothes for winter?

Linen fabric is very adaptable, which makes creating elegant and stylish fashion pieces easy. Below are the most versatile linen options for winter:

Linen pants: You can don linen pants for a formal general outlook. Wear tights or leggings underneath if you find linen pants quite uncomfortable in the cold weather.

Linen dresses: With good styling, the seemingly carefree linen summer dress can become your favorite winter dress. Match it with a blouse or long-sleeved tee for a perfect look.

Linen shirts: If you are layering clothes, a slightly heavy linen shirt is an elegant option. You can match it with a loose-fitting blouse.

While linen is primarily considered a summer material, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock your linen outfits during winter. However, adding this natural fabric to your winter wardrobe requires extensive experimenting. If this is one of your favorite fabrics, these tips will help you wear them all year round.

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