Ralph Lauren launches collection in collaboration with indigenous weaver Naiomi Glasses

Polo Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses

American lifestyle brand Polo Ralph Lauren has released a new collection in collaboration with indigenous weaver Naiomi Glasses.

Celebrating Navajo patternwork and centuries-old weaving traditions, the 32-piece collection comprises of men’s, women’s and unisex apparel and accessories. Naiomi is a seventh-generation Dine textile artist and weaver who learned her craft from her late grandmother, Nellie Glasses.

The capsule was inspired by Naiomi’s family, homelands and community on Dinetah (Navajo Nation). Over the past two years, she worked with Ralph Lauren and his design teams to reimagine the original designs of her woven art into a collection. To accompany the collection, she curated one-of-a-kind silver and turquoise jewelry pieces handmade by renowned artisans from the Navajo Nation, Hopi Pueblo, San Felipe Pueblo and Zuni Pueblo.

The collection is part of the Ralph Lauren’s first Artist in Residence program which invites artisans working with a variety of skillsets and mediums to participate in an immersive collaboration with its creative teams.

‘Heritage and tradition are at the centre of everything I love-things that encompass both beauty and utility, that are uncontrived and personal, and that are passed down for generations. Bringing the most authentic expression of heritage craft to life means working with those who have created and sustained these timeless traditions for centuries and sharing their stories with the world. That is why we have developed the Ralph Lauren Artist in Residence program, inviting artisans to collaborate very personally with me and my design teams-allowing us, together, to form a special blend of traditional craftsmanship with our timeless design ethos. This is how we bring a truly authentic expression of these designs to life, benefiting artisans and respectfully sharing the timeless beauty of their heritage and stories,’ said Ralph Lauren Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Ralph Lauren Corporation in a statement.

‘Navajo weaving is a craft that has carried on through my family for seven generations and preserving these traditions in new ways has been so inspiring to me as an artist. To now be able to share it with people around the world, as seen through my eyes and brought to life in clothing, is a dream come true. It is only through the power of collaboration and Ralph Lauren’s unique program that this collection was made possible, and the best part is that it brings traditional Navajo weaving to a new generation,’ said Naiomi Glasses.

To mark the launch of the collection a campaign highlighting the indigenous excellence behind the scenes and in front of the camera has been released. It was shot in Navajo Nation by a Native crew Ryan RedCorn (Osage), Daryn Sells (Dine/Navajo) and Lonnie Begaye (Dine/Navajo) and features indigenous models as well as Glasses’ family, friends and community. The campaign is accompanied by a short film directed by award-winning filmmaker Shaandiin Tome (Dine/Navajo) detailing the Glasses’ family life.

The Polo Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses collection is available now globally on ralphlauren.com and in select stores across the U.S., Europe and Asia. Two additional special-edition releases will arrive next year, a second drop during Spring 2024, followed by a third drop in Fall 2024. Meanwhile check out the stunning campaign images here.

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