LVMH acquires Swiss clock maker L’Epee 1839

LVMH acquires Swiss clock maker L'Epee 1839

French luxury group LVMH has announced the acquisition of prestigious Swiss clock maker L’Epee 1839 and its parent company Swiza.

The acquisition will boost LVMH’s expertise in high-end watch making and is proof of the LVMH Group’s determination to preserve and develop historic savoir-faire, and to ensure that it is passed on and cultivated over time.

Founded by Swiss watchmaker Auguste L’Epee in the 19th century in Delemont, on the Swiss side of the Jura region, the company initially specialised in the manufacture of watch components and was a pioneer in the production of music boxes. Later it expanded into the production of cutting-edge timepieces such as carriage clocks. Over the years, the creations of L’Epee became a gauge for quality, and were made popular by Heads of State, ministers, officers and royal families.

‘L’Epee 1839 is a brand of mechanical objets d’art with an unrivalled and unique expertise. Its creations span the ages; from officer’s carriage clocks, to space rockets, to the automotive inspirations of the 1950s, its products appeal to a public of enthusiasts for fine mechanics. L’Epee is also a renowned manufacturer, with the capacity to develop and design objects, and in particular the unique ability to interpret horological intricacies in three dimensions. Most of the company’s components are produced in-house demonstrating its strong creative prowess. L’Epee has initiated a number of watchmaking partnerships that we will maintain and develop with Arnaud Nicolas, and I am excited by the untapped creative potential of the various LVMH Group Maisons associated with this exceptional expertise,’ Frederic Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH Watches Division said in a statement.

L’Epee 1839 has more than 80 designers, engineers, watchmakers, mechanics and other employees under the direction of CEO and creative director Arnaud Nicolas who are expected to continue under LVMH’s ownership. Financial terms of the acquisition were not provided.

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