Isabeli Fontana looking sad on the VS Fashion Show?

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Victoria’s Secret fashion shows are by far the most desired and waited for. It is the time when models, angels, musicians, top stars and the whole VS crew get ready for the most exciting moment of the year – Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

Attending the show is supposed to be an excitement, but running it – a dream come true. So should the models running the VS fashion show feel like cause out of thousands and thousands of models, worldwide established ones and those at the beginning of their career, only a few of them that you could actually count on the fingers of your hands will have the possibility to run it!

Even so, Isabeli Fontana has managed to look quite sad on the last VS fashion show. How comes that?!  Is it a hard period she has been going through or just a sweet and innocent smile hidden by her well structured face and dazzling eyes?! I’ll probably leave it to you to reflect on this while watching the next pictures.


By Anhen Mey

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